Project Description
This project provides you with all you need for developing Affiliate Marketing Solutions in .NET based on zanox Web Services for the zanox Application Store.

NuGet Package

zanox Web Services Client Library for .NET
  • zanox Publisher API Version 2011-03-01 (stable)
  • zanox Connect API Version 2010-02-01 (stable)
  • zanox Data API Version 2011-05-01 (stable)

The .NET Client Library for Publishers covers all functionality and provides an example implementaion of the zanox connect OAuth Flow:
1) Redirect the user to
2) User logs in, using the zanox Connect Dialog hosted by zanox
3) User is redirected back to your website (callback-url, defined in our Application Store), passing the auth_token back as a URL parameter
4) Receive the auth_token from the Request and call getSession. Here is an example code, using the .NET Client Library.

// c# zanox Connect Example - getprofile
string authToken = context.Request[PublisherAPI.AUTHTOKEN_NAME]; 

string publicKey = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ZANOX.PublicKey"]; 
string secretKey = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ZANOX.SecretKey"]; 

PublisherAPI zanox = new PublisherAPI(null); 
sessionType zanoxConnectSession = zanox.GetSession(publicKey, secretKey, authToken); 

var profile = publisherAPI.GetProfile(zanoxConnectSession); 
var sales = publisherAPI.GetSales(zanoxConnectSession, ...some more filters); 
var incentives = publisherAPI.GetIncentives(zanoxConnectSession, ...some more filters); 

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